"The Optimal Finite State Machine for Software Engineering"


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Statesoft's LIBERATIONTM set of tools fully embraces Model Driven Architecture's (MDA) principle of PIM/PSM class partition, as a foundation for the systematic engineering of: components, patterns, services and applications.

LIBERATIONTM frees software professionals and engineers from systems behavior programming and manual system validation. This leads to  shortening of the overall project development interval  while reducing development and maintenance cost.

VeUML based MDA Platform Independent Models (PIM) are truly independent from programming language, database, and the operating system platform used.

The LIBERATIONTM set of tools for the first time allows generation from VeUML model  system behavior executable representation identical in C, C++, and Java environments to maximize reuse. 

Applications and services built using VeUML models can be validated automatically for important systems properties like security and safety.